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What can Third Bay Radios do for you?

We can get you're antique radio or classic jukebox working again! We can do a "Reliable Full Service" or a "Full 'Over The Top' Restoration".

Quick and to the point on price!...Usually..

A "Reliable Full Service" on most Tabletops $95 and Consoles
$200 - $300.

A "Full 'Over The Top' Restoration" on Tabletops $125-$200, & Consoles $200-$400.

Please Note:
The above pricing is an estimate with radio unseen. This does NOT include speaker repair, transformer replacement, tube replacement, rubber wire recoating, wood casing refinishing, rats nest removal, etc, which are common problems that will cost more to repair and are time consuming.
    My loose rule of thumb for pricing is $10 dollars a capacitor swap and $25 an hour for labor. No charge for basic cleaning or tube testing. Cord replacement and rubber bushings are also a small cost and are judged individually. Yes rubber parts are cheap but getting to them to replace them is sometimes difficult and time consuming.

What is a "Reliable Full Service"?

Our Reliable Full Service sets your radio or jukebox up to last another lifetime.
The Full Service includes basic chassis cleaning of dust and grime. All capacitors are replaced along with the power cord. This avoids near future problems with a set and added safety. Resistors are checked and replaced if faulty, out of tolerance, or just look beat and tired. All tubes are checked and cleaned. Wiring that has dried out cracking plastic coating is repaired or replaced. All moving parts including pots, pulleys, and terminals are cleaned and lubricated. Dried out old rubber gaskets/grommets are replaced.

We re-tune with caution to avoid the creation of more problems. Once we test the radio and have it work without fault during a burn in period we give it back to you as a fully serviced reliable unit. We go the extra mile to make this apparent.

What is a  Full 'Over The Top' Restoration?

The Full ' Over The Top' Restoration has all of the mentioned above done but executed to a higher level. Full Restoration is usually done when originality of a unit is a priority by its owner or when a unit is in real bad shape and needs more TLC than usual. The extra time and care is taken to pay attention to minuet details to make a unit look as original, as untouched, and 'as good as new' as possible.

    The Full Restoration includes attention to details such as re-stuffing the original capacitor casings with new capacitors to keep the internals of the chassis looking as original as possible and retaining the original capacitor brand and matching part numbers. Older style NOS resistors are used with NOS parts to again keep the internals looking untouched. New high quality cloth-covered wire is used if needed to also keep the nostalgic look. Cloth wire is usually done with the power cord with an old style AC plug to add to the nostalgia and time era the set came from. Exact matching rubber grommets and factory matching colors are used throughout. Usually refinishing of some degree on a units exterior is also performed and a quality finish is reproduced to as close as possible to the original finish. Below are recent pictures of a Zenith chassis that received our full restoration.

    For this level of restoration a good level of communication is kept throughout this process to keep our customers well informed on a units progress and for decision making on potential issues and cost. We can work within a budget or spare no expense. This type of restoration is the best effort put forward by our technicians and it will show.

Please contact us with questions and to get quotes for your radio or jukebox.
Woburn MA, 01801

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