Celebrate The Golden Age Of Radio Today.
This is a collection of tips and methods I have learned and used over time on many radios. I do not claim I came up with them or that they are my ideas. I have learned them from working on radios / jukeboxes and researching on the internet along with manuals and old trade magazines. So take them at face value. I will be adding to this page over time. If you don't feel you can or want to do this work then call me. I am addicted and love this work. Good luck!

6X5 Tube replacement tip! A must do if have one.
No trick here but just some really helpful advice I did not know before working on a particular Philco radio I went to war with. The 6X5 tubes are well known for shorting internally and causing power transformers to burn themselves up. How do I know? Recently worked on a Philco console that had a 6X5 Rectifier tube with a push pull output setup. I first started with testing all th tubes for shorts. None found. Then after recapping and swapping out the original burnt up power transformer the radio was tested. The 6X5 tube lit up like a bright light bulb withen 20 seconds. Before I could kill the power the smoke was released from the new replacement $75 transformer. A few choice words were said and the battle between wits began between me and the this particular radio.

After some on line research and getting to know the schematic of this radio it was discovered that this was a common problem caused by the faulty engineering of the 6X5 tube. From my understanding the internal plates could touch drawing alot of current fast from the high voltage side of the transformer causing immediate melt down. Digging deeper into the radio and replacing again the power transformer I discovered the audio transformer was also burnt up since it also is connected to the 6X5 tube in a round about way. I do not claim to be all knowing about tubes and radios but I do believe a domino effect happened way back when and everything just got zapped. Then I come 60 years later to set them back up. So what was the fix? A solid state copper encased WX5 rectifier tube from Weber Copper Cap Rectifiers for about 25 bucks. Simply buy and swap it out. I highly recommend this to anyone who has one or two 6X5 tubes in there radio. It is so worth the money. You are protecting your expensive most likely original transfromers that are getting more costly get if availible along with the labor cost to swap it out. Many Zeniths and Philcos have these tubes so check your set. After replacing the 6X5 tube and swapping three transformers in this one set alone the radio came to life and performed beautifully. Crystal clear sound along with solidly strong voltage on all pins. It should have since I ended up doing a triple heart transplant because of a tube that wanted to be light bulb!

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