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This is a collection of tips and methods I have learned and used over time on many radios. I do not claim I came up with them or that they are my ideas. I have learned them from working on radios / jukeboxes and researching on the internet along with manuals and old trade magazines. So take them at face value. I will be adding to this page over time. If you don't feel you can or want to do this work then call me. I am addicted and love this work. Good luck!

How I repair a cracked bakelite casing
Lots of nice bakelite radios out there that are cheap due to the casing being cracked. Some these cracks can be glued and covered and never seen again. You need two part epoxy from an hardware store, a drill with small drill bit, a dremel tool with a small sanding bit, sand paper, and a fresh can of paint.
1. Find end of crack and use the small drill to drill a hole at the end of the crack to stop the crack from going further. Must be done or it will keep growing.
2. Next take dremel tool and pointed sanding bit and go along cracks edge. Make a knife on either side. This makes more surface area for the epoxy to adhere to. Don't worry it is already broken. You are fixing it even though your are drilling it and sanding it to oblivion. See pictures here.


3. Clean surface of all dust from drilling with Dremel. Mix epoxy and apply to both sides of crack. Be liberal on the back but sparing on the outer casing. Just enough to have cover. Why? Because you will be sanding this surface smooth later once dried.
4. Forget to mention you will need wood vices/clamps. Heavy books work along with vices, tools, etc. Clamp so crack is closed and not over tight to cause more issues.
5. Now let dry for two days. Important because if you sand to early the epoxy just crumbles off and crack won't stay closed.


6.Ok once dried you must sand till your hands hurt. Get the epoxy bubble down close to surface then spray with paint. The paint will help you see crevices you have missed. Spray again to judge finish. This is most important part of this work. Sand and paint till you can't tell the epoxy is there anymore. Make a nice smooth even surface between epoxy and surface of case. Start with heavy sand paper and move up to really fine sand paper to finish off. If you take to much off add epoxy to correct. Take your time and get it right now because once you start painting there is no turning back.
7. Buy some quality fresh cans of spray paint. One can primer and another the actual color you want. I recommend "Light Antique Ivory". USE THE PRIMER. It will help adhere to the oily bakelite finish. Sand whole radio casing to be rough so paint can adhere. It will peal if not. Don't use rough sand paper but fine paper. If you can see scratches now you will see scratches later after painting. Aim for baby skin smooth. Take your time and put TLC in it. If you rush you will see missed issues later.
8. Wait for good day to spray. Warm and no dust or pollen in air. If all goes well it will come out great. Good luck!

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