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SORRY SOLD June 20012

1952 Seeburg M100C jukebox
"Happy Days" Jukebox

This is it! This fully-restored Seeburg M100C has been fully restored to the best of my ability and ready for another life time of use. I have done several of these units to date and know my around this particular model well. I have done everything that needs to be done to make it a reliable working jukebox for years to come. Nothing to do but load up your records and decide whether or not to charge or do free play. Listed below are some of the major points of restoration I have done on this particular Seeburg. Many other points of restoration are apparent in the photos. Please ask me questions.

SHIPPING: I can deliver to your door cheaper and safer than shipping it through UPS or anyone!!! I am located in the Boston MA area and can deliver in the surrounding states with my enclosed trailer specifically designed to transport a jukebox upright. Please contact me for a quote on delievery! You won't be disappointed!

  • Fresh restoration completed as of Oct 2011. Complete strip down and rebuild of unit to avoid any major future issues with performance.
  • Mechanism has brand new motor capacitor, rubber motor mounts and bushings, and fresh cleaning and oil. See last picture listed to see motor and new parts installed. Mechanism has no issues and tight.
  • Fresh blue paint and red white and blue cover label on mech cover. Fresh coat of yellow paint on record tray. All done great and shiny. Inside gold foil and mirror panels all are new and looking great. All aluminum has been polished to a shine.
  • New pilaster lights, front music panel light, and new matching ballast.
  • Amplifier board and selection board have been recapped and have strong tubes. NEW OUTPUT TRANSFORMER installed on amplifier board.
  • All contacts cleaned. I personally disassembled the pin bank and hand polished all silver contacts. Put together with no issue, works every time.
  • Casing veneer was done by me personally with thick real wood veneer. White Birch and Oak two tone. All done to the best of my ability and has three coats of mirror finish poly.
  • New Grille plastic safe tubes and grille cloth.
  • Fresh replatted Chrome on coin return, coin plunger, and featered below coin plate. See pics below.
  • Fresh speaker coil rebuild to assure best sound quality.
  • NOS quality checked "Red Head" Hi Fi Cartridge with brand new needles with desired 90 degree stance.
  • New style Free Play adaptor.You can just flip internal switch for free play or work off of fully functional coin mechanism. This adaptor also has a built in safety circuit that does not allow the selection relay to stay ingaged for to long if only one button is pushed. Great safety feature!
  • All needed keys for unit included and jukebox is completely lockable.

  • SORRY SOLD, Please contact me if you would like to order one. I do restorations upon request.


    Can be delievered to your door cheap is local to Boston or Upstate NY area.


    Please note....
    So much to mention on the level of restoration I did on this unit that I cannot possibly document it all here. I do realize other 100C Seeburg jukeboxes on Ebay maybe listed cheaper or may have more original parts but there true working condition and reliability is either unknown, unproven, or undocumented. This unit is working and restored to last. I have taken my knowledge on what goes wrong with these units and applied it to this one to avoid any major issues in the near future. You must also consider the location of a jukebox. It may be cheaper but if it's not near you shipping is going to be costly since these are 300+ pounds and large. Did I mention I can deliever? Please see pictures and contact me with questions. I love to talk about jukeboxes. More pictures posted on thirdbayradios.com

    Some background info on this Model. This model Jukebox, the 100C, was the aniversary model for Seeburg. They wanted to really make it stand out more because of this. There are very simular models to this jukebox but this is the only model with the color wheel pillars that rotate slowly. Yes, it was featured in the credits of the show Happy Days and it is sometimes referred to the Happy Days jukebox even though I think Mel's dinner actually had a different model in the actual show. It has been along time since I have seen an episode. I have been told that the only more popular mode jukebox would be the Wurlitzer with the round top and bubble sides but that is always up for debate, they all were nice.

    It stores 50 records. It only plays 45s which are the small records with the large holes.


    It does play both the A and B sides of each 45 record allowing you have a total of 100 selections. There are many on-line record sites that sell 45s. They reprint (or brand new) many of these 45s with 'Hits' on both sides. You can still find many original press 45s online also but will cost alittle more. Most 45s go for 5 to 10 bucks a record.

    This jukebox was designed for mono playback and with this "Red Head" Hi-Fi cartridge it sounds incredible. It was not designed for stereo records and stereo records will not play in stereo on this jukebox but will still sound good. This Jukebox has the original "Red Head" Hi Fi mono playing needle cartridge that came with the 100C originally.

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