Celebrate The Golden Age Of Radio Today.

    This recent restoration of a Seeburg LU1 Library unit was not as easy as we thought it would be. Turns out the pre-amp power transformer had melted down and finding a replacement was next to impossible. We ended up just getting a NOS pre-amp with a good transformer and recapping / restoring that one. As we did final assembly we noticed the pinion gear was badly damaged and missing teeth. See pictures featured. This would cause major issues with the mechanism moving back and forth. Luckily the pinion gear assembly comes off easly with four screws from the back of the mechanism and a replacement was found. There was more work than expected but it came our real nice. It holds 100 45s and plays both sides. It is meant for background music and it just keeps playing selected records till you turn it off. It can play both sides of a 45 and gives you 200 selections. It is designed to be plugged into an amplifier so it can be used with modern home stereo systems if you divid the output signal. It puts out an incredibly great solid analog signal from the records loaded and with a modern amplifier it produces an amazing sound. I had a hard time giving this one back to its owner. If you see one, buy it. Worth every penny if you have a 45 collection you would like to listen to without any hassle.
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