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Seeburg 100C Veneer Kit


    Thirdbayradios offers a complete veneer kit for a Seeburg 100C jukebox. This kit includes precut real wood veneer pieces from templates I have made from past refinishing projects of this specific 100C model jukebox. This kit utilizes quality White Ash and Red Oak veneer cut specifically to match the original two tone grain pattern the 100C had from the factory. This kit includes only the veneer cut to approximate size and a really "Helpful Installation Tips" packet that includes many helpful, tips, pictures and instructions to assist you with the installation of the veneer on your jukebox.


    The individual pieces for the kit will be cut to approximate size and will require minor trimming and fitting to fit properly. Having these precut veneer pieces and the "Helpful Installation Tips" packet will save you tons of time, as you will not have to cut pieces from scratch from a blank sheet of veneer and guess which way the grain goes, where to set the seam, etc. The "Helpful Installation Tips" packet will definitely help avoid issues I have come across during installation and cut down on time lost and waste of material. 

    NOT included are the tools and glue needed to install new veneer. 
    This KIT does NOT claim to be the original finish from factory but an upgrade from the original plastic green veneer to real wood veneer imitating the original grain pattern. Only quality wood veneer is used with the best grain pattern chosen for each specific piece. These kits are cut by hand by me from two different types of sheet veneer. Grain pattern and tone of wood will vary slightly from posted pictures as wood does naturally vary. 

    This is a "Do It Yourself" kit with an informative help packet. 

    You WILL have to put in a fair amount of time to install this kit and have a medium ability on basic skills such as gluing, trimming, sanding, and it requires some patience. Installation usually takes 2 weeks of evening work after stripping of surface of jukebox. If you’re into your Seeburg and hands-on work you will love every minute of it. 

    I can provide some help with questions if the packet does not cover it. Some extra small pieces are included in the kit for difficult areas I know are troublesome to fit. If you read my packet and take your time your jukebox will look as good as the examples posted here.

    All sales final and results of finish will vary, in a good way. I offer complete refinishing of this model if not up for the task, please contact me if interested.  

Please no trades or soliciting. 

    Please allow 2 weeks for kit to be shipped. I only cut kits from fresh veneer and kit should be used in a reasonable amount of time upon arrival. Veneer can dry out over time and be difficult to install if not used promptly. Good luck and have fun!!!

 Kit Costs $320 Shipping Included.
I accept PayPal or Credit Card.

If wanting multiple kits or have any questions please contact me:

Phone 518.466.8673

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