Celebrate The Golden Age Of Radio Today.
What's the story?

The company name comes from an extremely large garage we started out in. There were three bays and we did our dirty work in the third one and sometimes in the center bay when the wife would allow it. We came up with the name after we couldn't find a URL that had the word 'radio' in it that wasn't taken. I know it can sound like 'third rate radios' but wefind that really funny. We started working on radios in 2005 with the first restoration on a Crosley super 11, we been hooked ever since. Since then we can't stop buying old broken down radios and breathing new life into them. We are constantly learning more about these great radios and almost everytime we tear into one we find workmanship that amazes us. Over time we have met more radio addicts like us, lived some funny and amazing radio related adventures, and have broaden our repair work to jukeboxes. The internet has also become useful and is a great resource of knowledge and parts for people like us who were not born in the correct time era.

How did we get started?
I have a background in radio repair from the military and my family. We have always been tinker'ers. I started just fixing radios for myself and friends who liked them. Then they had friends who saw the radios we gave away and wanted one for themselves. News spread by word of mouth and the internet that we could fix them. That's when we got into the radio hobby/business. The only problem is it takes a good amount of time and TLC to get a radio back to working condition and presentable. It cannot be rushed and done in one night. So we take our time, have fun, and make sure it is done right.

So presently whats going on?

Please contact us with questions and to get quotes for your radio or jukebox.


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