Celebrate The Golden Age Of Radio Today.

Past Pictures Of Antique Shows Third Bay Radios Has Done.

     Takes a lot of time and effort to get things organized and ready for an antique show along with getting it all to the show, setting it up, and then breaking it all down after talking about it all day. Sounds like work but it's lots of fun when you get to play with jukeboxes and radios. The problem is once the show is over the booth of goodies is never the same.  Below are shots of the Wilmington MA Antique at the local Shriners convention center in 2010.

    Below is my trailer packed to the gills. Two really large and heavy jukeboxes, two radio consoles, tabletops, tables, banners, rugs, display cases, etc.. One heavy trailer. On the right is a great shot of two great items. Seeburg 147 and a Zenith 12S which are both sold.

    Below is a shot of me doing the show in SoWa boston 2009 -2010 when the antique show was in an open air historic building that used to service the trollies in Boston in the forties. Loved doing that show in that building. Great location with a farmers market out in the parking lot. The SoWa Antiques market is still going but no longer using that building. Thats me with a great Zenith which was sold a long time ago.

More shots to come in 2012
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