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This is a collection of tips and methods I have learned and used over time on many radios. I do not claim I came up with them or that they are my ideas. I have learned them from working on radios / jukeboxes and researching on the internet along with manuals and old trade magazines. So take them at face value. I will be adding to this page over time. If you don't feel you can or want to do this work then call me. I am addicted and love this work. Click on title to go to instruction page. Good luck!

How I repair a cracked bakelite casing
Lots of nice bakelite radios out there that are cheap due to the casing being cracked. Some these cracks can be glued and covered and never seen again. You need two part epoxy from an hardware store, a drill with small drill bit, a dremel tool with a small sanding bit, sand paper, and a fresh can of paint.

Gutting old capacitors and stuffing them with new capacitors
I do this process for people who want to hide the new usually neon yellow or orange capacitors inside the old capacitor casings. IT IS NOT REQUIRED but if you want the inside the chasssis to look untouched then stuffing the old casings is great, but time consuming.

6X5 Tube replacement good advice!
No trick here but just some really helpful advice I did not know before working on a particular Philco radio I went to war with. The 6X5 tubes are well known for shorting internally and causing power transformers to burn themselves up.

More to come.......
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